Order processing delay


Our order processing servers have now fully recovered, and we have implemented several changes to the way we handle order processing.

If you are somehow still seeing unprocessed orders from earlier today, let us know and we will be happy to process them for you.

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We've resolved the issue, and are waiting for the processing queue to recover. You might still see a slight delay in processing orders, but it should be back to full speed within a few hours.

We’ll continue to monitor the queue, and will update you as soon as we analyze the root cause.

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We’re investigating a delay with processing orders.

This includes: - Orders showing up in Store Pickup + Delivery - Orders being tagged in Shopify - Orders being sent to LMD providers and Route planners

This issue does not prevent your customers from making orders. Please manage your orders from Shopify until this is resolved.

We will update you as we make progress. Thanks for your patience.

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