Some internal email notifications being marked as spam

After 5 hours and 1 minute

The upgrades to the mail services that power the internal notifications are now in place and we are now monitoring the performance of these changes.

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After 1 hour and 48 minutes

A fix has been deployed and internal email services should slowly begin to return to normal. We are currently monitoring the performance of this update.

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After 57 minutes

We have diagnosed the issue and are working on a fix with a third party mail provider. Updates to follow.

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We are currently investigating an issue where a small number of internal email notifications for some stores may be marked as spam. All customer-facing emails from Shopify will continue to be delivered as per normal, this only relates to internal notifications delivered by Store Pickup + Delivery, such as per location emails and POS order updates. Updates will be posted regularly.

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Affected components
  • Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery
    • Orders (US)